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Kenn's Corner - Ask the Bowtie!
Pairing with Hot & Spicy Foods
Choosing the Perfect Wine
Burgundy: A Land of Authenticity, Tradition, and Typicity
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Kenn's Corner - Ask the Bowtie!
Choosing the more
A Cork-Free America: Screw Caps Grab a Foothold in American Wine Market
When Randall Grahm, founder and winemaker of Bonny Doon Vineyards in California, staged a funeral for “The Death of the Cork” in New York City in 2002, screw cap closures were still a limited more
Sulfites and Wine – A Common Concern

After July 9, 1987, every bottle of wine must have a label affixed that is a declaration of sulfites. Sulfur (or sulphur) is a non-metallic element that is one of the most common present in more

Choosing the Perfect Wines for the Thanksgiving Holiday Meal
Choosing Perfect Wines for Thanksgiving
Beat the Summer Heat with Rose!
Food & wine formula
It’s fashionable lately to say that wine is food. In the sense that wine’s traditional place is at the table, wine does function as part of a meal but—let’s face it—a meal of wine alone is not more
Thanksgiving Wines & Complimentary Ingredients


With most spirits the waiting begins once the liquid is in the barrel, as raw spirit slowly develops into Bourbon or Scotch or Cognac. Tequila, however, is an exercise in patience long before more
A White World Beyond Vodka
America’s love affair with vodka won’t be ending anytime soon. Accounting for 27% of all spirit volume sales in 2004, vodka showed a 3.5% hike among value brands and 38.1% in the super premium more
Pairing with Hot & Spicy Foods

Hot spice more

Choosing the Perfect Wine
Choosing the Perfect Wine by Kenn Pogash This is the first in a series of articles that I will be writing to help you select the wine that meets your needs, especially when it comes to pairing more
Mention Normandy, France to any American, and the immediate thought is of D-Day, when Allied forces launched their invasion of Europe in World War II. But that northwest corner of coastal France has more
Super-Tuscans: One of Italy’s Great Wine Families
When you think of Italy’s greatest wines, you think “red.” Yes, Italy’s white wines are better than ever, but with the possible exception of Jermann’s Vintage Tunina, none have reached the “great” more
Dessert Wines: Your Hidden Assets
The effort, the stress, the constant worry and second-guessing – it’s hard to believe anyone chooses to take such a gamble with their fruit. Producers who make late-harvest, or dessert wines, risk more
Champagne’s Best Buy: Non-Vintage Bruts
True Champagne, the unique sparkling wine from the Champagne region in northeastern France, will never be inexpensive. It just costs too much to make. But some Champagnes are relatively well-priced more
Bourbon: Small Batch… is Big Business
"I was brought up to believe that Scotch whisky would need a tax preference to survive in competition with Kentucky Bourbon."

Hugo L. Black, Associate Justice of the
U.S. Supreme Court, more

The Next BIG Cocktail
Trying to predict The Next Big Cocktail is like trying to predict the outcome of a Presidential election. Despite all the polling, you could be right, wrong, or find that there is no clear winner at more
South Africa Shines
Everyone’s got an angle. No matter the industry, each player seeks an edge to stand out from the crowd. For retailers and restaurants alike, competing on price or offering a dizzying array of more
Crafting the Perfect Margarita
It may be a newcomer to the world of classic cocktails, but don’t underestimate the Margarita. According to David Dorsey of Brown-Forman Corporation, Louisville, importers of Don Eduardo tequila, more
Cocktail Corner: Tropical Musings: Seeking out some of the great “vacation cocktails”
Well, the new year is upon us and so is the weather; unless you were lucky enough to be in the tropics. How about this for a day-dream? Three boats in on a raft-up floating in Great Harbor, Jost Van more
Who Says Bordeaux Has to Be Expensive?
We returned to Bordeaux this year. Not only did we revisit the region, after too long an absence, but we also started drinking Bordeaux wines again. We grew tired of the over-extracted, high-alcohol, more
Spicy Foods and the Wines that Love Them
Contrary to belief, an ice-cold beer isn’t the only refresher for spicy food. There are wines that work with hot, ethnic chow but when it comes to compatible recommendations, it takes imagination more
Cocktail Corner: today & tomorrow at the bar
There is a new breed of bartenders who are re-thinking the cocktail and the cocktail bar. Similar to innovators in other fields, we find them in small pockets in countries around the world. The more
Shiraz Attack
For several years now, the American thirst for fermented grape juice from down under has been unquenchable.

Statistics just released by the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation show that in more

Cuisine à la Bière
The Belgians call it "Cuisine à la Bière." Many others simply call it tasty food – with beer, not wine, both in the food and on the table.

“I love to cook with beer,” said Tim Shafer, aka The more

Italian “White Lightning” Goes Upscale
Conceived in those Italian regions characterized by colder winters, grappa, Italy’s best known spirit, began life as a rough, strong liquor for the poor. But times have changed for the distilled more
Leap into the Dark
Most Americans fear the dark.

Indeed most beer drinkers worldwide - prefer light colored lagers. Often, the less golden, the better.

Beers are correctly classified as ales and more

Navigating the Rhône
Recommending wines from the Rhône Valley can be as tricky as navigating the enormous river that winds through this famous region. There are a large number of grape varieties and styles to keep in more
Piedmont’s great nebbiolo wines
A fine red Bordeaux or Burgundy can be a thrilling experience- as can a sensual Hermitage or Côte Rôtie from the Northern Rhône, or a rich California Cabernet. But if we had to choose one red wine more
Cocktail corner: The Joys of Mixing with Rum
Rich in Variety and Wonderful in Cocktails:

Rum is unique in its mixability. While we would never mix gins together in the same cocktail, two contrasting rum more

Cocktails As Food Partners
Matching food with spirits and cocktails seems like a new concept, but the truth is, it's been around for a long time. William Pokhlebkin in The History of Vodka describes the unique relationship more
“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

So said Benjamin Franklin. Happy? Certainly. But healthy as well? Maybe. Although wines have gotten most of the attention, many more

Oregon’s New Take on Value
There are two widely held perceptions about Oregon wine. One: It’s very good. And, two: It’s very expensive. There is, of course, some truth to both. A string of excellent vintages, new clonal more
Celebrity Wines
Before long, the question we may find ourselves asking will be: Which celebrity is not, in some way, shape or form, involved in the wine business? From athletes to musicians to famous directors to more
Just because St. Patrick’s Day has passed does not mean you can’t still enjoy great Irish Whiskey cocktails.

Irish whiskey has held a revered place with American drinkers going back to the mid- more

Women Are Increasingly Finding Their Spot Behind the Bar
By Dale DeGroff

“I think it's incredibly cool that there are so many women influencing what's crossing the wood in so many places more

The Exciting White Wines of the Loire Valley
There was a time, not all that long ago, when we drank red wines almost exclusively.
Lately, we find ourselves drinking and writing about white wines as much as reds. Is that because the kinds more
Hot, Hot, Hot! Tequila: the trendiest spirit in the States
For far too many people, a whiff of tequila evokes memories of shots slammed, behavior best forgotten, and the inevitable nursing of a brutal hangover. But things have changed, and this is no longer more
The Central Coast: California’s Next New Thing
California’s vast Central Coast wine region stretches almost 300 miles from the Monterey Peninsula in the north to past Santa Barbara city in the south along broad, lightly populated valleys and more
Tasting Corner: Organic Revolution
Does organic wine conjure images of unpalatable swill made by hippies in a bathtub somewhere in California? If so, you are not alone. Popular opinion continues to define organics as a marginal more
The Wines of Washington State:This Up and Coming Region Offers A Rare Mix of Quality and Value
When we think of serious American wines we tend to gravitate towards California
and Oregon. Washington State wines might not first come to mind, but it consistenly
produces excellent wines more
Tales of the cocktail
When I arrived in New Orleans International Airport for Tales of the Cocktail 2006, I was stunned to find an empty airport with only six or seven planes besides ours scattered at random gates. It more
Are Beaujolais Crus On the Cusp?
The Beaujolais crus released in June were not carried by jet, elephant and balloon to all corners of the world. In fact, the finest that Beaujolais has to offer wasn’t given a fraction of the more
PiscoPower: Pisco makes an impression on American taste buds
It seems that every classic cocktail has been resuscitated. From martinis and Manhattans to Sidecars and Gin Fizzes, there’s little left to tempt the taste buds of consumers seeking entirely new more
South African Smorgasbord
When it comes to the wines of South Africa the buzzword is diversity. Home to varied microclimates, different soil types and a myriad of grape varieties, this is wine country that has plenty to offer. more
Alpine Escapes
The winegrowers of Italy’s Alto Adige region re-define their identity

Alto Adige is a fountain of fresh, flavorful, food-friendly white wines, the source of perhaps the best Pinot Noir made more

A Makeover for the Hot Toddy
The throwback winter-warming grog is spicing it up at hip bars and sophisticated restaurants.

Usually concocted of a dark spirit, hot water, lemon juice, honey and cloves or cinnamon, the more

Barbera: Piedmont’s Great Everyday Red Wine
When people ask us what is the wine we drink the most, we unhesitatingly reply, "Barbera!" We love its fresh, lively taste, and we find it extremely compatible with food. Although the Barbera grape more
Cachaça-The brazilian spirit builds momentum in the u.s., fueled by its signature drink, the caipirinha
When craving a refreshing cocktail capturing the essence of summer, the mojito is a natural choice, bursting with muddled fresh mint, brown sugar and rum. However, if one drink can give the ever- more
Tea Time: Cocktails with Tea Take Off
According to the Tea Association, Americans consumed over 50 billion servings of tea in 2005—tea has moved from the teapot to the cocktail glass. Green tea, Earl Grey, and Oolong teas are taking more
cocktail corner: Crafting the Perfect Egg Nog
In 1915 my Great Uncle Angelo, at the age of 12 left his home in Calabria to come to America with his siblings. With their parents, they settled in Rhode Island and became the first Italian more
Rose Champagne for All Seasons
If it’s true that just about everybody loves Champagne, this bit of wisdom seems to apply to rosé Champagne even more so. Nowadays, rosé Champagnes are more popular than ever. And why not? First of more
Up the DOURO River
To truly understand the rugged history of Port wine – one of world’s most civilized beverages – it helps to take a three-hour train ride from the city of Porto on Portugal’s Atlantic Coast east to more
Getting Serious about Sake
Most Americans have their first sake experience at a local sushi bar, usually sipping bulk sake poured from a box and heated in a coffee urn or a microwave. But in recent years the array of premium more
Chile Comes of Age
Chile’s wine industry has made amazing progress in the last twenty years. The country has always been blessed with excellent growing conditions for grape vines. Despite having this viticultural more
cocktail corner Gary Regan: A Cocktailian’s Cocktailian
Not long ago, while exploring the highlands of Jalisco, Gary Regan was swapping cocktail recipes with a bartender from London when the subject of orange bitters arose. She asked Gary which brand he more
Riesling Rebound Chardonnay-weary embrace versatile white
Like a character in a Shakespearean tragedy Riesling has been on top of the world and faced an ignominious fall.

A century ago, the finest Mosel Riesling commanded higher prices than first more

All in good taste
As the vodka category gets increasingly crowded, a number of brands are using non-traditional ingredients to stand out.

Last spring Duncan Holaday and his family collected 120,000 gallons of more

From bottles to boxes: Alternative wine packaging takes innovation to the next level.
Americans have always used the packaging that wine comes in as an indicator of its quality. In the past, jug and boxed wines usually meant cheap, bottom of the barrel wines, but that has all changed more
cocktail corner
Rum Drinks: Easy to use yet often overlooked by serious mixologists, rum is the mixer’s magic ingredient.

Rum is made directly from sugar so production costs are lower, giving consumers great more

2004: Another Top Vintage in Piedmont
In January of this year, Piedmontese wine producers released their 2004 Barolos to the world, after aging them the required three years. The wines of Barbaresco, Barolo’s neighbor in Piedmont, have more
Rum's the Word
In the midst of the summer season, it’s not unusual to crave frothy, playful libations like daiquiris and pina coladas. While rum is perhaps best well-known as a seasonal party mixer for these more
After dinner, when the night is winding down but the party still clamors to keep going, it’s an especially opportune time to savor a cordial.

Cordials & liqueurs, whether slowly more

Gatekeepers of the Next New Wine
Producers, importers and marketers have a common strategy for launching an unknown wine: Call in the Sommeliers.

No longer are sommeliers the men hovering around customers scanning more

Yes, the Scots’ standard bearer, blended whisky, has continued to under-perform during a decade of exceptional spirits growth. And yes, most popularly priced brands have continued to lose share, more
Reaching New Heights: Chile Celebrates an Historic 2007 Vintage That May Be Considered One of the Finest In the Country’s History
Ask any winemaker, and they’ll tell you the final days before any harvest are always charged with a certain tension, filled with hopes and prayers that the weather will hold until the ideal moment more
Burgundy: A Land of Authenticity, Tradition, and Typicity

The foundation of the originality of Burgundy wines

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